June 25, 2021

Sunday evening Darien Swann & the McCoy’s Region 1 “Team Builders”Cajun Paradise Charters-Hackberry Louisiana


Sunday evening Darien Swann & the McCoy’s Region 1 “Team Builders” Returned to the Cajun Paradise Charters & enjoyed 2 Great nights & two very successful days of fishing. Sunday night Capt. Kevin cooked them up a big batch of Boiled Crawfish, & Shrimp, & sides. Monday Morning Capt.’s Kevin, Carlos, Ben, & Randy Odem took them out & returned with limits of Reds for everyone on all 4 boats, plus a few Flounder & Specks. Monday Night Kevin served them a big Chicken, & Sausage Jambalaya with Corn Maque Choux . Tuesday morning they wanted a short morning so Capt.’s Kevin, Ben, Carlos & Cade Brown took them out & returned with another dock Full.. They had a good mess of Reds, Flounder, Sheephead & over 80 trout.. Capt. Ben targeted trout & caught his 4 man limit of Specks.. Our friends from McCoys used our #JHCustomperformancerods, our #4Horsemancorks, & many were caught on the #RockPortRattlerCroakerMax hooks. Thanks to Darien & our McCoy’s Region 1 Team Builders.. Enjoy a few of the Pictures, and Remember, THIS COULD BE YOU in these photos.. Cajun Paradise Charters, where we offer “Day Trips’ or we have Wonderful Lodging, Fantastic Food, & Fishing has been simply on Fire.. Call Now, 337-274-0788 or 337-540-5530, It’s time to “Come & Getcha Sum”..
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