June 25, 2021

Capt. Kevin & Randy Holland had a very good morning. Cajun Paradise Charters-Hackberry Louisiana

Capt. Kevin & Randy Holland had a very good morning, they limited out with reds then proceeded to box up a good mess of quality Flounder.. Then Kevin & Spence Lesikar went out for a short evening trip & put a quick two-man limit of reds in the boat.. That’s One heck of a day for sure.. The Rockport Rattler jigs with Gulp & Shrimp & the 4 Horseman corks did the trick.. Cajun Paradise Charters Is Where It’s Happening, Call & Book your trip.. /337-274-0788or 337-540-5530.. It’s time for you to “Come & Getcha Sum”.. Call for available dates..
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