You see we are all smiling

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Lachrisha K Clark to Outlaws Fishing Club Alabama

Here it is ! You see we are all smiling because I’ve never seen such teamwork! It was a tough day! While prefishing my electronics went out and I laughed when Eli said I don’t know how we are going to fish without electronics, but in my head I WAS concerned that it was Guntersville and it’s dangerous to boat without at least depth. That’s when you’re forced to rely on the markers but they have been known to be moved. I wasn’t that familiar with Goose pond so I went towards brown creek stopping to fish where I’ve caught fish along the way. With it being their first time to Guntersville I wanted them to fish the grass and they missed a few blow ups in the Lilly’s. We have all been there! haha ! We never made it to Browns but they managed to boat a few but the keeper was the one that landed them in 7th place in the JR’S and big fish. When they got home they received a call to let them know out of over 300 boats in the ASABFA THEY had the biggest bass. Logan J KennethandDonna Hamby caught the 5.99 fresh off the bed and he caught it with a bait Eli Patterson made. Eli netted, they did the victory screaming and put hooks back in the water. All the fish they got in the boat was in the last hour of the tournament . We had a haul to get back to weigh in and left in plenty of time we were out running a storm that looked totally white behind us! Then took a wrong turn and didn’t go far outa the way but we had to turn and face off with the rain. Raining so hard the rain mask wasn’t any good at all I couldn’t even see the markers anymore. Eli and Logan just looked at me with concern in their eyes and all I could tell them to do was this…. Y’all better pray ! Bulge pump running and so was my Mercury! We made it ! I ran to get the truck for it was a trailer weigh in. I had to park in the grass and down hill with my two wheel drive….yes she started spinning and I didn’t let up until I heard the squealing of tires on pavement thank you to the oncoming trucks that stopped 😂😂 like you had a choice. What a day ! Thank you Ken my brother from another mother and his wonderful wife Donna Hamby for all you do to make sure we are always fishing! I have no doubt Logan and his friend Eli will go far!
They also had two interviews with Trey Swindle at GTO at waterfront which they’ll never forget. Also another interview there telling the story of Logan almost being shark bait a few years ago and his parents having to pull him out of the sharks mouth. True story! You can find it at GTO Guntersville Tackle and Outdoor.
God is GOOD!

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