Maddie set the tone!

A fishing story that sets the tone for why I and so many other women like do what we do to inspire, promote, encourage, and empower other women to pursue their interests in the outdoor world.

This particular fishing trip started off with an objective to promote the captain and, but once I saw 10 year old Maddie jump into trying to catch a fish, it was more than easy to hand the spotlight over to her.

It set a stage that has become so su-real to me.  Setting a platform to promote other women in the outdoor industry, putting the fun back into fishing! 2020 has been and still is a particularly hard year for everyone no matter what business you are in.

I feel very fortunate to live in a Sportsman’s Paradise here in Louisiana that has brought much peace of mind to so many as we were allowed to fish through the pandemic, social distancing was easy on the lakes and bayous of Louisiana. If you haven’t read the story of little Maddie, I hope you will take the time to do so now.

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