Women of the outdoors- fishing clinic in Washington

Hey WA Ladies!! How many of you have wanted to learn how to fish, or are looking for a new hobby (fishing is a great hobby) but don’t have anyone to teach you or don’t know where to start?

Livin’ Life Adventures and Women of the Outdoors are joining to offer women’s beginning fishing clinics! (We hope to expand in the future as well into more advanced and more specific clinics)

These will be 3 hour classes, all bait, tackle, and gear will be provided, as well as hands on instruction from a professional female fishing guide. These classes will be women only, and promote fun and learning! To start off while following WA State social distancing and phase guidelines the first class or two will be smaller groups. Depending on how they go we will hopefully open them up to larger groups in the future.

Our first class will be on Sunday Morning, June 28th, starting at 8am in Snohomish County. We will open up the first class for 4 ladies. Through our partnership with WOTO we are offering these classes at a deeply discounted $25 per person!

To sign up, go to:

There is a section toward the bottom of the page for the class and a PayPal button to reserve and pay for your spot. There are only 4 spots available, and once they are sold out you won’t be able to purchase more spots. There will be classes in the future if you don’t get in on this one! 🙂

Once signed up, we will contact you with further info, like meet up location.

You will need at minimum a one day Washington State fishing license or annual freshwater license.
Water will be available but please feel free to bring any drinks or snacks you would like.

***If you need assistance paying for a license or the class please Email us PROWE@WOTOUSA.ORG

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