July 26, 2021

RodnReelGirls Podcast

Thanks to Lori Heath and Robert Tressler for being a guest on RodnReelGirls Podcast today! This was an exceptional podcast and quite an honor for me! …View Details

Dana Kay Sacia, From Wisconsin, Huntress on a mission to motivate and inspire. Passion = Possibilities. All starts with I will TRY! Dana is an avid hu…View Details

Nina shares her story of her passion for sport fishing, her work with veterans on some awesome fishing adventures and coaching young kids on how to fi…View Details

Phyllis Rowe is 34 years old and a Massachusetts resident. Phyllis Spent most her child hood outside camping, fishing, and gardening-she continues to …View Details

Heather Smith

Thanks to Heather Smith for joining us on RodnReelGirls podcast and discussing her up coming adventures in the fishing industry! Heather is a go gette…View Details

The Women’s Bass Tour are a group of DIVERSE women from all different walks of life. Bonded together by the sport of bass fishing.

Feb 16, 2020 19:28

Nurse Captain Avid Angler, FIN- Addict, OutCast-hers SportFishing Team, #OCSF, Huntress Owner and Founder at Outcast-hers Sportfishing team

Listen to…View Details

Thanks to Carolyn Stash for joining in on Let’s talk fishing (RodnReelGirls.com). She gives us a great view on women fishing, how she is involved and …View Details

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